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The Way that Village Children Enjoy Their Childhood

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Reasons Travel News, Tolitoli | Usually, doing MTMA is only professional or trained people. At the very least, understand the natural conditions and know how safe he is. But, even the children of the Oyom hinterland, Lampasio Tolitoli do not care about that.

they just cool to mingle with water as their nature. Excited to see their style and behavior. Plain without knowledge, as people do, My Trip My Adventure.

Everyday viewers in the village of Oyom, they usually middle-aged children do ahead of the afternoon sun.

this place is one of the hamlets in Oyom Village, Lampasio District, Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi. This hamlet is inhabited by most of the Dondo tribes, as are other hamlets in the village.

Middle-aged children are agile and nimble, and this is their toy every time they go home from school, said Amir, one of the residents in the village. Similar MTMA ... this is MTMA Ala Anak Kampung, said Tolitoli Tourism stap.

meanwhile, other attractions in Lalos Beach, Galang Tolitoli offer the roar of the waves and the Sun Set. Place, is the most favorite visited by residents every weekend.

Playing on the waves with clean sand and water, the place is the belle of most local tourists Cengkeh City, Tolitoli. 12 Km from the city of cloves, it can be reached within 15 to 20 minutes.

In the afternoon, the amazing view is the sun set. The sunset is an incredible natural panorama on this beach. as said Tolitoli Regent, Moh Saleh Bantilan, the sun looks exactly flat with 18.00 pulul water.

Both places, can be your choice on a holiday weekend. How, just choose! (Ladies)

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