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Hill Asa Tolitoli, Amazing Destynasi

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TOLITOLI - Reasons Asres Hill Potres - peaks and Lampasio valleys - during the rainy season. The mist-covered cape in Tolitoli - Central Sulawesi, has now become one of the objects and a sensation-filled destination. How is the story? Bukit asa actually is not a real name. His real name is Babo Anjam (Anjam peak) or Anjam arbor.

But tourism activists in Tolitoli, named the area as Asa or proof of hope. this began when they took over the thick kabun which every morning covered the area as a very sensational potential. When it was packed into a special tourist attraction. as fierce as the fog that is so hard when crossing the trans Sulawesi road that defends the evidence, it is very far-reaching that we cannot even find it anywhere else in this country. That is why, tourism activist Mr.

Amiruddin cs rolling this area as one of the destinations. what are you doing here? This height became an area of ​​vegetable gardens and other plantations such as cocoa and cloves. You can enjoy roasted corn on the cake or stew. Sweet corn from Lampasio, is very familiar to residents there. this area produces fruits such as rambutan, langsat, salak and even durian and mango and oranges and dragon fruit. Complete for those who do it and enjoy.


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